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Mobile car detailing Ottawa

Curbside Car Wash Reviews

See what people are saying about us and why we have so many loyal customers! 

5/5 Stars on google reviews 

5/5 Stars on Facebook Reviews


Martin P.

Martin's 2016 Mini-Cooper received a 2 step paint correction, followed by a ceramic coating. 

"Curbside Car Wash corrected our paint. Months on, it still looks fantastic. When we took it in for servicing, the dealer couldn't believe it was a 2017 with over 100,000 km. It looks brand new, highly recommend their mobile car detailing services!  

Virginia & Jamie

Last summer we had the pleasure of detailing the van responsible for transporting flowers & plants for Bloomfield's Flowers. It received the disaster detail!


"Excellent service and outstanding results - all at home in your driveway! Curbside did the impossible and made our vehicle beautiful again.... Thank you! We highly recommend their top notch mobile car detailing services!!!


Mary V.

Mary's Chevy volt received the Carpet Refresh Detail 

"I employed Curbside Car Wash last summer to give my Chevy Volt a complete cleaning, shampoo, and polish. The service was prompt, thorough, and totally worth the excellent care to my vehicle. I will definitely call Curbside Car Wash again this year. The experience was pleasant and I was happy to employ such wonderful young people."

Kristina K.

"THE BEST. Will and Curbside Car Wash are honestly THE best. They are professional, courteous and above all provide an impeccable service at a very reasonable price. I was absolutely blown away at how clean my SUV was after being cleaned by Curbside after a mucky and salty winter. Every nuck and cranny was cleaned. It seriously looked brand new - I didn't even want to get in it after it was so clean. The attention to detail and hard work that goes into the service is really something that stood out. I have three kids and they do not go easy on the SUV but you would never know that after Curbside did their thing. Did I mention they come to YOU. It's so convenient and easy. The little touches such as a new cleaning shammy left on the middle console was thoughtful and appreciated. I would absolutely recommend Curbside car wash. This was our second year using them and will continue to use and recommend them."


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